LIGHTEVENT Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH, Köln - Ihr technischer Full-Service-Dienstleister, Beleuchtung, Beschallung, Messe- & Bühnenbau aus einer Hand

LIGHTEVENT … more than just light!

The company name LIGHTEVENT already hints clearly at our roots in lighting technology. Today, however, we do much more than that! Our services now range from presentational and video technology to full HDTV productions, professional PA systems in sizes between S and XXL as well as stage technology and decoration. LIGHTEVENT is your creative partner offering full service by experienced specialists to implement your ideas into events of any type or size.

Our satisfied customers often praise our staff for their comprehensive and personal assistance, taking into consideration every aspect of an event whilst equally respecting individual needs to create a unique result. Their extensive experience assures that everything runs smoothly, before, during and after day X.

Your personal LIGHTEVENT contact is there to assist and accompany you as a project lead throughout the entire process - from the first pre-visit of prospective locations to the day of the event or longer if you wish so.
Individual consulting service and recognized expertise for all facets of professional event technology; all services from one source - on the highest level.

We create atmosphere.
Welcome to the website of LIGHTEVENT!

We create atmosphere.

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